Abbreviations used in Courts

1. Original Jurisdiction

1.1 Main Case Types

Civil Suit – C.S.

Insolvency Petition – I.P.

Original Petition – O.P.

Company Petition – C.P.

Election Petition – ELEC. PETN.

Testamentary Original Suit – T.O.S.

Original Matrimonial Suit – O.M.S.

Original Applications – O.A.

1.2 Miscellaneous Case Types

Original Application – O.A.

Application – APPLICATION

Sub-Application – SUB-APPLICATION

Execution Petition – E.P.

Caveat – CAVEAT

2. Appellate Jurisdiction

2.1 Main Case Types

First Appeal – A.S.

Second Appeal – S.A.

Writ Appeal – W.A.

Original Side Appeal – O.S.A.

Special Tribunal Appeal – S.T.A.

Civil Miscellaneous Appeal – C.M.A.

Civil Miscellaneous Second Appeal – C.M.S.A.

Letters Patent Appeal – L.P.A.

Special Tribunal Petition – S.T.P.

Contempt Appeal – CONT.A.

Cross Objection – CROSS. OBJ.

Trade Marks Appeal – T.M.A.

Trade Marks Second Appeal – T.M.S.A.

Tax Cases – T.C.

Tax Case Appeal – T.C.A.

Tax Case Revision – T.C.R.

Civil Revision Petition – C.R.P.

Civil Revision Petition (PD) – C.R.P. (PD)

Review Application – REV. APPL.

2.2 Miscellaneous Case Types

Miscellaneous Petition – M.P.

Habeas Corpus Petition – H.C.P.

Criminal Revision Case – CRL. R.C.

Criminal Appeal – CRL.A.

Referred Trial – R.T.

Criminal Original Petition – CRL.O.P.

Reference Case – R.C.

2. Writ Jurisdiction

2.1 Main Case Types

Writ Petition – W.P.

Review Application – REV. APPL.

Other Abbreviations used in Courts

ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution

AG – Attorney General

AOR – Advocate on Record

CAS – Central Administrative Tribunal

CIC – Central Information Commission

CJ – Chief Justice

CJI – Chief Justice of India

CrPC – Code of Criminal Procedure

CJM – Chief Judicial Magistrate

CJSC – Chief Judicial Magistrate Court

DPP – Director of Public Prosecutions

DUI – Driving Under the Influence

DGCA – Directorate General of Civil Aviation

DVC – Domestic Violence Act

ECHR – European Court of Human Rights

EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

FCRA – Foreign Contribution Regulation Act

FIR – First Information Report

GPA – General Power of Attorney

HRA – Human Rights Act

HC – High Court

ICJ – International Court of Justice

IPC – Indian Penal Code

ITAT – Income Tax Appellate Tribunal

JDR – Judicial Dispute Resolution

LAC – Legal Aid Clinic

LLB – Bachelor of Laws

LLM – Master of Laws

MOA – Memorandum of Association

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding

M&A – Mergers and Acquisitions

NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement

PIL – Public Interest Litigation

POA – Power of Attorney

POCSO – Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act

QBD – Queen’s Bench Division

RTI – Right to Information

SC – Supreme Court

SC/ST – Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

SCC – Supreme Court Cases

SLP – Special Leave Petition

SOPO – Sexual Offences Prevention Order

UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Writ – A formal written order or directive from a higher court